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Fact File

Latin Name: Raja (Raja) brachyura

Distribution: Atlantic coasts from Madeira, and Morocco north to the Shetlands, English Channel and western part of North Sea (less common); also western Mediterranean (relatively rare; one doubtful record from northern Aegean).

Habitat: Soft sand and muddy seabeds in depths all of the way down to almost one thousand metre

Size: Up to 2m across

Season: Mainly a summer fish. In summer months they can be caught around the Kingmere reef and Shelley rocks

Staple food: Opportunitst feeders, crabs, lobsters, shellfish and molluscs, and also take small fish and sandeels at times

Angling tactics: Fish at anchor with a running ledger and a large fiish or squid bait

Bait Fish or Squid

British Record:
Shore 32lb 10oz
Boat record 39 10 oz
Average Size: 18lb

Caught on: Due to their preference for fairly deep water the blonde ray are a very rare catch from the shore. Mostly caught on boats and deep water shore marks where there is a sandy bottom

A Blonde Ray
Blonde Ray
Blonde ray from Ocean Warrior