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River Adur

Origin Heathfield
Mouth Seven Sisters
Length 35 miles (56km)
Basin area 970km

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Watercourse details

Mapping the Adur

The Adur begins as two branches, west and east, which meet west of Henfield at Betley Bridge.
The western Adur rises at Slinfold and flows through Shipley, where it meets Lancing Brook and on to West Grinstead and Knepp Castle. It is tidal as far north as Bines Bridge south of West Grinstead.
The eastern Adur rises at Ditchling Common, crosses into West Sussex and meets another stream at Twineham. It is fed by the Cowfold Stream at Shermanbury.

The 2 branches meet west of Henfield, before flowing between Upper Beeding and Bramber, through a gap in the South Downs, near Lancing College, and is fed by the Ladywell Stream. The river meets the sea at Shoreham by Sea

Main fish species:


Chub, Roach, Perch, Pike and Bream are all caught in the river with Sea Trout known to run up the river although they are not often fished for. Bass can be caught in the lower tidal reaches along with Mullet.

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